Whisked into a unknown world

1st June 2019

3 Weeks old

As we waited in the bay of the emergency department, the place was filled with noises, monitors beeping, chatter from Doctors and cries of the other children. I held my baby tightly as he slept in my arms, I was doubting if we should even be there, was he even sick enough to warrant being here? His fast asleep, so content, I felt we were probably just causing a bother. As the Doctor entered she was warm, greeted us both and then began the sequence of questions. We explained the best we could, including things from the day he was born, we were then asked how his birth was, how the pregnancy was and all that followed from there. We then handed her the letter from our Gp, and stated she had asked us to come down. The doctor whisked off and re-appreaed moments later, she looked at him as my arms held him tightly cradling around his tiny body. She suggested it may be best to review him in the other room. She pointed to a large sliding door labelled resus bay, she then offered if we wanted to stay here, but I wasn't about to let a stranger take him. She gestured to the nurses to follow as my husband and I moved into the resus bay, I started trembling with fear of what was about to come. They then took him, placed him on a tiny table no bigger than a change table, stripped of his outfit, turned heaters on, then within minutes were taking bloods, urines, placing IV lines, connecting wires, foot probes and monitors. Their was beeps, lights, Doctors and nurses all huddles around my tiny baby. They popped some little drops in his tiny mouth to help him calm while they continued to poke him. As they they check him from top to toe, listening to his chest, and talking in a lingo I didn't understand. They then turned him on his side, offered a few more glucose drops and prepared him to draw spinal fluid. My heart stopped, the room went dizzy and I could no longer feel my feet on the ground. My husband grabbed my hand tightly and whisked me out into the waiting bay. The doors shut behind us and the tears began to flow. I felt numb, cold and was desperately searching trying to listen out for his cries to just hear he was still there. Moments past to which felt like hours, finally the doors opened and we were gestured back in. They handed us him, still covered in wires, hooked up to fluids, and given a range of medications, i held him, terrified to move and accidently pull on a line, by now he was so exhausted he was fast asleep. The doctors allowed us back in the waiting bay where we awaited the next step, the next test, and awaited the results. Those moments is what started our journey into a world filled with hospitals, Doctors, endless worry and fear. Yet brought light on to a world of true strength and bravery.