Gingerbread Cookies

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Gingerbread Cookies

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Christmas Gingerbread Cookies tape available in multiple sizes. 

All tapes are made by hand, and are using premium quality ink, on Leukoplast® hypafix tapes. These are designed to stick well and are low allergenic. So safer for you or your little ones skin. 

Sizes are:

  • Nasogastric, Nasojejunal tube (Ng/NJ) 1x  8cms x3.5cms curved edge
  • Suitable for Oxygen A PAIR OF 4cmsx3.5cm 
  • Small Roll 5cmx25cm
  • Large Roll 10cmx25cm
  • Suitable for pump Dexcom G5 CGM 

No two products will be exactly the same as they have being created thoughtfully by hand.  These create unique one of a kind tapes. Made for those that are truly, unique and one of a kind too.



Items are no sterile due to the process they undertake when being printed. Please do not use if your child is allergic to inks or hypafix. Patch testing before use is recommended.